Minister’s Greetings

One of our Sangha members mentioned that the service program on Sunday, April 30th was meaningful and creative, and that the mindful meditation practice was one which she had never experienced.
I enjoy hearing from more people that the Temple has become joyous, friendlier, brighter and warmer.

As we enter our contract for our 6th year at WRBT, I wonder how many Sangha members have had the chance to participate in the meaningful programs that have been offered in the past five years.
As the one of the Sangha members mentioned, she had never experienced the meditation practice, which was mindful and healed her mind in peace.

Other creative programs we have offered is the Body and Mind Seminars, which have included Tai Chi, Yo-ga, and Qi Gong practices, as well as Dharma Talks, and the Buddhism 101 classes for studying General Buddhism to Shin Buddhism in both Spring and Fall. Now, we are trying out another creative program, emphasizing the connection with the community and Buddhist life.
We have a tendency to look over the mountain for something Good and Better, Happier and Luckier, but may I humbly say, “Let’s look around one’s feet and realize what we have, while also creating a new path for our future.”

Mayumi and I are honored to work with you for another year and look forward to your increased participation in our innovative programs.

Thank you in Gassho,
Rev. Ogui and Mayumi


Please Join Us and Attend Our Events or Seminars

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Dharma Talks

  • Dharma Talk by Rev. Koshin Ogui in Jan 6, 2013.