WRBT_Thumbnail Ogui Sensei ” You are just as good as you are, even the day and month that you die, you are just as good. “

Please come and join us in our weekly Sunday family services conducted in English at 11 AM to hear about the daily practices of the Buddha-Dharma.  Also join us and practice Zen Shin meditation every Sunday morning at 9 AM.

– With Palms Together in Gassho, Rev. Koshin Ogui -

  • http://wrbt-temple.org/production/v1/medicare-update-and-healthcare-reform/
    Medicare Update and Healthcare Reform - Tue Nov 4, 2014 10AM - 11:30AM
  • http://wrbt-temple.org/production/v1/tea-interfaith-activity/
    An Interfaith Activity - Tea - Sun Nov 2, 2014 2PM - 3:30PM