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Minister’s Greetings

Our Onaijin (altar), which is the center of our Temple, has been enhanced by many dedicated members over many years. Three tables for flowers, candles, and incense burners, and a stand for the small gong were designed and created by the late Stan Tsujikawa in the 1970’s. In addition, he made two tables in October, 2015.

Four pieces of Uchishiki (altar table covers) for special services were ordered from Japan and donated by the Terada family in April, 2012.
In September 2013, I was honored to select and order the Misu Screens at the front of the alter, which were paid by the Naijin fund.

Four wall-mounted frames were envisioned and designed by Dennis Nishimura, and administrated by William Geenty, the president in June, 2015.  The drapes to cover the accordion curtains in front of the Altar were donated by Yoshiko Yamada family in memory of husband and father, Ben Yamada in October, 2015.  Most recently, six brass articles, Mitsugusoku (three-element-arrangement) for the tables were ordered from Japan and donated anonymously in memory of their parents in May 2017. These included two sets each of incense burners, candle holders, and flower vases.

The Onaijin is now consistent with the recommendations of the Buddhist Churches of America.

Gassho. Rev. Koshin Ogui


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