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What I learned from Lillian Asato

I was very impressed by how Lillian had accepted the diagnosis of cancer, and also by the acceptance by her husband Dennis and their family members.
Since the family had accepted things as they are, Lillian was able to extend her “Thank you” to family members and visitors. In turn, the family members did whatever they could do in love and 

The time for them was and still is a gracious gift for them.  The energy which was created from both sides was and still is calm, peaceful, and very settled in body and mind.  Mayumi and I went to comfort Lillian and her family, but they were the one who comforted us.  I learned from Lillian and her family members that the acceptance of life as it is, is the energy of Love, Compassion and Wisdom to start a new step of life, and I truly learned that is a strength of living.  I learned from them that the acceptance of the truth means a true understanding of life – not the feeling of a victim, not the feeling of sacrifice or defeat – but an understanding of the true facts about life. Then, from here our true life begins; that is what I learned.

I am thankful for Lillian Asato and Dennis Asato and their family members who enlightened me and my wife… in a spirit of Gassho.

Rev. Ogui and Mayumi


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